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As an aspiring writer wanting to start a journalistic blog, Julie has come to the county work camp to write about it.  Here she has come upon two guys contributing Saturday service time in return for dismissal of misdemeanor drug charges.


Anticipating that interviewing them will be more successful if they are comfortable with her, Julie wants to be friendly.  The chemistry between the three quickly turns playful, and Julie, who had worried that she would be too shy to approach strangers here, finds herself basking in their attention.


Uh-oh… Mr. Rodman, the work supervisor, has just returned.  “Who are you?  And what are you doing here?” he demands.

“I’m sorry, sir,” says Julie.  “I don’t mean to cause any trouble.  But I’m starting a blog and wanted to write about this place.”

“About how much fun you’re having here flirting with the guys?” says Mr. Rodman.  “This is no prison, but I don’t think that’s quite the image we want to project.”

“Oh.  Well, I wouldn’t say anything about that.  And besides, I use a pen name, and nobody will ever know where I’m writing about.  I don’t want to cause problems for anyone.”

Pondering the situation, Mr. Rodman asks, “Who reads your blog, anyway?”

“Well, I’m just starting out, so I don’t have any readers yet.  But I’d be so grateful if you’d give me a chance to write about something interesting here.”

“Something interesting?  I think you’ve got the wrong place.”  …But after a moment Mr. Rodman’s face brightens.  “Maybe I have an idea.  How old are you anyway?”


“All right, my idea can work.  You can write about how you got disciplined here, submit it to Deviant Art and BDSM Library, and right off the bat you’d have hundreds of fans.  Can’t miss.”

“Disciplined?  I’m not sure what that means.”

“Corporal punishment,” says Mr. Rodman.  “Of course we don’t actually use that here.  But I could make an exception just to help you out.”


After leaving for a moment to go to his car, Mr. Rodman has returned with implements.  “Okay.  Ready?  Now take off your shirt.”

“In front of these guys?  I can’t do that.  I don’t have anything on underneath.”

“The kind of writing people want to read has high emotional impact.  You just describe how humiliated you felt having to strip in front of the guys.  …It’s only your shirt, but it gives you real feelings to describe.”

“Well, yeah, but it still doesn’t seem right.”

“That’s why it would give your story power.  …And otherwise your narrative would just end here, before it even got started.  You have no real choice.”

“Well… if you say I have to…”

As Julie begins to lift her shirt, Miguel murmurs to Steve, “I can’t believe she’s gonna do it.  She could’ve told him to go to hell.”

Steve murmurs back, “Seems like some girls just do what the alpha male says.”


“Arms straight out,” says Mr. Rodman.  “That’s a good girl.  …Are you afraid?”

“Um… Yes, sir.”

“So your story will deal with the anxiety, the uncertainty, not knowing what’s going to happen.”



Delos Silvanos
United States


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thank you for watching :)
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That's a joke. But really how old are they?
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Police could get involved.
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How old are those girls?
delossilvanos Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016
Since no one in my gallery is a real person, none of them have a chronological age.  No one either over or under the age of majority ever posed for any of the pictures.  I never gave numeric ages any thought, particularly not in the fantasy genre, but if a numeric age has importance to some viewers, I guess they can make them some age that suits their eye and imagination.  It's none of my business what they imagine.
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